Your Tour to Morocco: Experience the Doorway between Europe and Africa

Moroccan culture is a unique mix of African, Muslim and European influences. During your next tour to Morocco if you have a passion for travel, a desire to learn more about other cultures, are open-minded, friendly and respectful you will soon start to make friends with the local Moroccan people. Our travel team here at Berber Treasures Morocco Tours has prepared some useful tips that will help you with local customs that show respect for the Moroccan culture and your new friends on your next tour to Morocco.

  • When you are invited into a Moroccan’s home, it is thoughtful to respect the local customs of removing your shoes before entering the house (you can leave your socks on) and bringing a gift.
  • If sharing a meal with a Moroccan family wash your hands before you start to eat or you risk being considered unclean.  People in Morocco eat with their hands, typically using pieces of bread to break apart and scoop-up bite-sized pieces of food from the tagine.   Watch out to eat only with your right hand though, as the left hand should be used for the bathroom.   And don’t lick or suck your fingers, no matter how delicious the food as it is considered extremely inappropriate to do so.
  • When sharing a tagine or cous cous avoid reaching across the plate to that tasty morsel in front of someone else – that’s only acceptable from small children – adults are expected to eat only what is in front of them.
  • Do not take alcohol to a Moroccan home.
  • Ask before you take a photograph of someone.  Doing so without their permission, especially in rural areas, can cause embarrassment or worse, offense. This may result in the person demanding money from you, even if you only intended to take a scenic shot. If invited into a home, do not publish or post photos of women without first obtaining their permission to do so.
  • Unfortunately most visitors are not allowed to enter most mosques in Morocco.  They are considered extremely holy places and most only allow Muslims to enter inside, so ask before seeking to enter.

You will find that getting to know the Moroccan culture can be an exciting and worldly experience. The Moroccan people are generous, welcoming and very friendly because hospitality is an integral part of the Moroccan culture. Our team can help you with more information about Morocco and advise you on the best time for your tailored tour to Morocco. Contact our friendly team today or simply send us an email on email

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