Berber Treasures Morocco Tours: Morocco’s Most Famous Cities

Morocco is a country where the traditional and innovative have combined to create a unique atmosphere and culture. Two of the most famous and prominent cities where travellers can experience this are Casablanca and Marrakech. Berber Treasures have an extensive range of tours to Casablanca and tours to Marrakech, all of which allow tourists to witness the wonder of these cities. On our tours to Casablanca, our guests have the opportunity to explore the largest city of Morocco with a guide as well as by themselves. The tours to Casablanca highlight how it stands next to ancient monuments as the economic and business capital. Our tours to Marrakech show guests how the Moroccan people have preserved their history and culture. On the Marrakech tours, the former imperial city, you can see the bustling modern city that is protected by ancient fortifications. Remember that all our Morocco tours can be tailor-made for you to include different hotels, lengths of stay, departure dates and additional cities. Please call our friendly team for details or send us an email today and we will contact you Continue reading

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Berber Treasures Morocco Tours: Your Perfect Morocco Holiday

If a holiday to Morocco is on your travel to-do list, Berber Treasures has many tours to Morocco to select from. Continue reading

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