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Berber Treasures Morocco tours of Morocco let you explore Morocco’s ancient Roman past.  The ancient Roman Empire once extended across North Africa into present day Morocco.  Most of the old Roman settlements lie around Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coast line, including around Tangier, Laroche, Asilah and Rabat – Sale and these can all be included in your Morocco travel itinerary.  The best preserved and most important ancient Roman city – Volubilis  – lies inland close to Fez and is not to be missed on ancient Roman tours of Morocco.  Each of these Roman settlements was located in the Roman province of Mauritania Tingitana which was established in 42AD when the Romans seized control of the ancient Kingdom of Mauritana and divided into two provinces – Mauritania Tingitana to the west and Mauritania Caesariensis was the eastern province.

Moroccan Mauritania Tingitana represents the further most westerly limits of the ancient Roman Empire.  It is generally believed Volubilis was the southerly most point in Mauritania Tingitana.  However, there is some debate as to whether the Romans reached present day Casablanca and Essaouira – you can speculate on this possibility when you visit Casablanca, Essaouira and Volubilis on one of our tours of Morocco.

Tingis, now known as Tangier, was an important destination on the ancient Roman Morocco travel routes as it was the first capital of Roman Morocco.  In fact Tingis gave its name to the province – Mauritania Tingitana.  However, Tingis was subsequently replaced by Volubilis as the Roman capital.  On our tours of Morocco you can visit both Roman capital cities.

With Berber Treasures Morocco tours on your Morocco travel adventure you can also visit the ruins of the ancient Roman outposts at Lixus, close to present day Laroche, Sala Colonia, which is a must on city tours of Rabat – Sale, the relatively recently discovered settlement of Benassa (found in the late 19th century) and the ruins of Cotta adjacent to the Grotto of Hercules, close to Tangier.  Roman Morocco travel routes linked these outposts through a series of Roman roads.

Come explore Morocco travel what once was Mauritana Tingitana and follow the tracks of the ancient Roman Empire with one of our small group tours of Morocco or on our private tours of MoroccoContact us now for more information.

Berber Treasures Morocco tours of Morocco can include Volubilis and Moroccan Roman sites in your Morocco travel plans

Visit Morocco’s ancient Roman capital of Volubilis on Berber Treasures Morocco Tours to Morocco

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