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Marrakech (Marrakesh), Rabat, Fez (Fes) and Meknes are the four famous Imperial Cities of Morocco.  Visit all four on one of our Berber Treasures Morocco tours!  Marrakech, Fes and Meknes have each been designated precious world heritage sites by UNESCO.   Why are the called “Imperial Cities” – because during different periods in Morocco’s history each one was chosen as the capitol for the ruling dynasty of the time.  Incluing our heritage Fez tours and Marrakech tours on your Berber Treasures’ Morocco tour itinerary you will quickly understand why these fabulous Moroccan imperial cities were favoured as the imperial capitol more than once.  And as the current capitol, Rabat too has been the imperial capitol more than once.  But why was the imperial city of  Meknes chosen as the capitol only once – possible because it was only first selected as a capitol in the 17th century, but as you will discover on our Morocco tours that was sufficient for Meknes to earn the reputation as the Versailles of Morocco!

Explore and learn more about the history of Morocco’s fabulous and unique imperial cities on one of our Morocco tours.   On a city tour of Fez (Fes) you will explore this amazing medieval city which has the oldest university in the world.  Taking a city tour of Marrakech you understand why until relatively recently Morocco was known as the Kingdom of Marrakech and on your tour of Rabat you can imagine what they city was like over the 200 or so years from the ealry 17th to 19th centuries when it served as the principle home of the notorious Barbary Coast  pirates or corsairs.  We can show you all the Morocco travel highlights on our Morocco tours.  Contact us now for more information about our tours to Morocco.

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