Morocco Tours: Public Holidays in Morocco

Morocco has a variety of official public holidays.  There are both religious and non-religious public holidays in Morocco.

In planning our Morocco tours we take these Moroccan holidays into account. We also keep of Morocco Travel Tips page up to date with all the Moroccan holidays as a handy resource for you.

By and large a public holiday in Morocco means government offices, schools, post offices and the like are closed but fairly much everywhere else – including the places tourists to Morocco are interested in – will be open.   So you can travel to Morocco at any time of the year on our Berber Treasures Morocco tours of Morocco.

While the non-religious public holidays in Morocco always fall on the same date, this is not the case for the religious public holidays in Morocco.  The reason for this is that the religious public holidays in Morocco are determined by the Islamic calendar rather the the Western Gregorian calendar.  The differences between these two calendars means that each successive year each of these Morocco holidays (the religious public holidays) falls earlier in the year by approximately 10 days.  The Islamic calendar provides a date which acts as a guide for these religious Morocco holidays.  However, the actual date of some of the religious public holidays in Morocco are celebrated is governed by human sighting of the moon, so there can be a little variation as between Morocco and other counties as to the day its celebrated.   The Morocco holidays I am referring to are: Eid al-Mawlid (the Prophet’s Birthday); Eid al- Fitr (the End of Ramadan); Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice) and Fatih Muharram (the Islamic New Year)

Here on our Berber Treasures Morocco tours website we have a dedicated Morocco travel guide webpage – Morocco Travel Tips – which contains all the information about the Morocco holidays as well as lots of other handy Morocco travel tips and information useful in planning Morocco tours.  We keep our Morocco Travel Tips webpage updated, so if you are looking for up to date information on Morocco’s public holidays you can find it here and you can also contact us directly by email or telephone to plan your perfect Morocco holidays.

The 2012 Morocco Public Holidays:

2012Holiday Name
January 1New Year’s Day
January 11Manifesto of Independence
February 4Eïd al-Mawlid (Prophet’s Birthday)
May 1Labour Day
July 30Feast of the Throne
August 14Oued Ed-Dahab (Oued Eddahab Allegiance Day)
August 19Eïd al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
August 20Révolution du Roi et du Peuple (The King and the People’s Revolution Day)
August 21King’s Birthday
October 26Eïd al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)
November 6Green March Day
November 15Fatih Muharram – Islamic New Year
November 18Independence Day


In addition, because in the Islamic faith each new day begins after sunset rather than after midnight, the celebrations for the religious public holidays in Morocco may start the evening before the date on our Morocco public holiday calendar.

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